drunken butterfly (heure_actuelle) wrote,
drunken butterfly

i was framed!

i was backing out of the driveway this afternoon and as i was putting the car back into drive i saw A CUTE TINY FURRY MOUSE rolling around on the pavement. i immediately was like :-O ohmyfuck i ran over a mouse. so i picked him up and was craddling him in my hands when i noticed there was a hole on his underside. i got to thinking...wait, this doesn't seem like an injury from a car. so i'm pretty sure a cat caught him and then dropped him right by the car. I WAS FRAMED. my mom put the mouse back into their little home they have in our backyard and she said later he wasn't there. so idk, hopefully he either finally died or got better.

fucking cats or a hawk trying to frame me.
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