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I realize I stopped doing the Tuesday five, because it was finals and I was no longer bored. But now I can start again, even though it's Thursday.

1.)what foods & drinks do you hate?

2.)what foods & drinks do you love?

3.)are you currently reading a book? what is it?

4.)what was the last movie you watched? what did you think of it?

5.)how many hours of sleep did you get last night?

1.)milk, bread [this has been a recent revelation...i've realized how i kind of sorta hate bread], potatoes, creme brulee, wine, cucumbers, peppers, meat except chicken.

2.)crab, lobster, tuna, apple pie, key lime pie, actually most pies, most desserts [i have a HUGE sweet tooth..i can't even understand people like my aunt who say they don't have to eat anything sweet], middle eastern food, water, pomegranate-y things, onions [raw], cheese, juice, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit

3.)Children of the flames - it's about Josef Mengele's experiments on twins in Auschwitz. So sad, but good.

4.)Waitress--very cute! i started out not really liking it...kind of thinking wtf but then i ended up absolutely loving it. it made me really sad though because the director had a role in it and so did her little daughter, and she was murdered [in real life] last year. when you see her daughter at the end it's just like oh geez ;_;

I'm in the middle of Superbad right now and it's actually pretty funny! It's stupid teenager humor, but I'm still young enough to enjoy that kind of shit.

5.) 6 :(
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