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more on the bridge

There are people who got trapped under the bridge in their cars who are still unaccounted for. I cannot imagine being trapped under a bridge, under water, knowing that death is imminent. Divers have started going down getting license plate #s and they can see bodies still in their cars. 4 people are confirmed dead, and there's still about 20-30 people missing.

I know this is [thankfully] incredibly rare and which is precisely why it's making national and international news, but one of my fears is actually bridges. I have to drive over a bridge to get to school and I always start to feel lightheaded and it just makes me feel eery. I've had a phobia of bridges long before this event. This doesn't make it any worse for me, it just makes me sympathize that much more with the people. I shudder to think what that must've been like.

My sister mom and I went out today to try to view some of it...

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it's being broadcast so heavily. we have CNN and the BBC here I know for sure. People are camping out here at HCMC [Hennepin County Medical Center], which is a trauma center and has the largest # of victims [28 I believe]. More victims are at two other hospitals.

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this is an observation deck at Guthrie Theater

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my camera's zoom sucks, so this was the best i could do

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police have blocked off a huge perimeter of the land. i circled where the yellow tape starts. yesterday people were able to walk on that small bridge in the front and that's how we have the up-close pictures of the wreckage. It's closed off now. the bridge followed right along the bigger one you see in the back, so what happened is that the ends of the bridge collapsed, causing the middle [obviously] to cave in.
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