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i watched Le Papillon last night, and i love this quote from it:

Elsa: how do you become rich?
Julien: the best thing is to do what you love
Elsa: but how do you get rich?
Julien: i just told you


i was framed!

i was backing out of the driveway this afternoon and as i was putting the car back into drive i saw A CUTE TINY FURRY MOUSE rolling around on the pavement. i immediately was like :-O ohmyfuck i ran over a mouse. so i picked him up and was craddling him in my hands when i noticed there was a hole on his underside. i got to thinking...wait, this doesn't seem like an injury from a car. so i'm pretty sure a cat caught him and then dropped him right by the car. I WAS FRAMED. my mom put the mouse back into their little home they have in our backyard and she said later he wasn't there. so idk, hopefully he either finally died or got better.

fucking cats or a hawk trying to frame me.

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I realize I stopped doing the Tuesday five, because it was finals and I was no longer bored. But now I can start again, even though it's Thursday.

1.)what foods & drinks do you hate?

2.)what foods & drinks do you love?

3.)are you currently reading a book? what is it?

4.)what was the last movie you watched? what did you think of it?

5.)how many hours of sleep did you get last night?

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and we all float on okay apparently a lot of my friends aren't responding to my messages to get together. Kinda sad, but I guess now I'll just spend all my time studying for the GRE :( I take it Jan. 2. ugh so nervous.

I'm also REALLY scared to get my grades for this semester. I was doing great in two of them, but then I think I really fucked up on the final for both of those. Then the third one, fuck he's such a ridiculous grader. It's almost impossible to even get a B+. OH MY GOD I'M NOT GOING TO GET INTO GRAD SCHOOL :,,(

back to writing my statement of purpose.....

omfg no way

a professor offering to write you a letter of recommendation for grad school without you even asking = fucking. yes.!!
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A friend of mine, who was on the Egypt trip with me, was murdered a few days ago. She answered a supposed ad on craigslist for a nanny position. Turned out it was a 19 year old guy posing as a "young couple" and when she showed up for an interview, he killed her.

I'm in absolute shock. It's now not just a "girl who answered an ad" who was killed, it is Katherine. It's not just a "St. Olaf grad", it is Katherine.

I can't stop thinking about it. She was so full of life, and could always make me laugh. You hear that a lot about people when they die, but for Katherine it was absolutely 100% true.

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Oh Katheirne, I am so sorry. You were such a joy. Go with God.

You'll always be with me. I hope you get the letters I write to you.